We're Open for Business (Figuratively Speaking)

For those of you who were in attendance of the #Prettyonme launch, you know that the room was filled with positivity.   It was such an honor to be in the presence of women who want to make a difference, not just within beauty industries, but in life.


I will say that although the event was crazy stressful!! (I ended up taking my Nikon and leaving the batteries; getting dressed 15 minutes before event start, and enduring one thing after ANOTHER!) Despite these setbacks, I am so glad that the words from a dear friend were there to keep me going:


Keep going Queen. When you’re there and you see everything you’ve worked for, you’ll know that it was worth it.
— Shanel DeWalt, Divine Indulgence Personal Chef Services


She was right.  It was worth it.


The theme for the night was Social Media, since social media is probably one of the greatest platforms to spread awareness.

My friendships are #prettyonme

It was almost surreal.  The support among friends and women I was meeting for the first time was amazing! Not to mention, we got to enjoy the amazing food and the selfie station. 

I also had the privilege and honor of meeting the amazing Crystal Cole of ModelMomz.com and Goal Friends along with LJ Michelle, a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger of A Journey East.  The night was filled with new connections and bonding.

I think this night proved quite a bit.  When women get together and support each other, we can move mountains.  I was a believer in the #prettyonme mindset before, but I definitely am now.

Just know that this is far from over.  We're going to keep going strong in 2016.  I am excited to see what relationships and friendships this year has in store for us....


Missed the event? Check us out on A Journey East's YouTube Channel