Making Friends on the Internet

So, as you can imagine, this post is about to be an interesting one. We all have stories about how our parents taught us internet safety: “Tina, you should never ever, ever meet up with people you met on the internet.” Well, sorry mom, consider that a thing of the last generation, because that’s all we do now.

Honestly, I never thought that I would find myself scouring the AppStore for a Tinder-esk app (Nevermind the fact that I haven’t used Tinder in yeaaaarrsssss). But this time I wasn’t looking for a date, I was looking for….friends?

As most of you may know by now, I moved to Toronto last summer. One of the downsides of moving to a new city, let alone a new country, is that, well, you don’t really find too many babes to hang out with. I found one gem of a woman at work, but that was about it.

So, here I am scrolling through IG, and an ad pops up. It’s describing how you, yes you, can find your BFF with just a swipe of the finger. I downloaded the app out of pure curiosity and got to swipin’.

The app works just like your traditional dating apps (swipe left if you like a person’s profile, swipe right if you don’t). If you’re lucky, the person you matched with may just message you back, if you’re unlucky, they may not. I think my first few matches were a bust, but then, when all hope was gone, I hit the jackpot.

So of course I had to share my experience with you babes. Watch the video below to hear more of my story.