Why Cardi B Appeals to 95% of Women


You first saw her on the Gram and the Vine around 2015 spurting her unconventional love and financial advice, along with a few of her familiar cackles in between her comedic rants.   Cardi's social media presence helped her land a role on reality TV show Love and Hip Hop New York and then propel her to to her first album: Invasion of Privacy.

I'm not a huge mainstream media follower, so the only bits knew about Cardi B were her New York accent and BIG New York personality. So when I started seeing her all on my social media feeds, Jimmy Fallon show and SNL, I had to ask myself what was the appeal, and where did this fame come from? And how on earth are Approximately 95% of Cardi B's fanbase women?

Cardi B trending above Beyonce

Cardi B trending above Beyonce


From Stripper to Billboard Top Charts

First and foremost, I could care less that the woman was a stripper at some point. Although I don't agree with all of her lyrics, when you read her story there's two things that are certain: Cardi B's fans are in love with her personality and her hustle.

In an interview with The Guardian, Cardi B speaks of her living situation prior to fame. She was living with a man and in a rather controlling situation, not knowing where rent was going to come from. She also talked about spending most of her available funds on weed.  Finally, she settles on for a short term career as a stripper. Cardi has also talked about how she's learned from those she worked with at that time and knew she wanted more for herself. By the time Cardi was 21 years old she had earned around $20,000 and planned to have $100,000 by the age of 25.

When she started on Instagram she planned to earn cash by her comedic antics and unconventional advice. From there, building a decent sized following, Cardi set out to leverage this viral fame to earn money for nightclub appearances. 

Music was meant to be a short lived goal, intending to make a little money in exchange for Youtube views. But after finding a knack in music she decided to pursue it full time and long term. 

The #BossWoman Hustler Appeal

No matter how you feel about this woman, I have to throw out respect because of her hustle. Her mass appeal is that she's a girl from the Bronx who made a name for herself after growing up in an environment that most of us may not be able to imagine deaingl with.

There's something empowering about her story: At the end of the day, drive and hustle prevail.


What do you think about Cardi B? Certified Hustler or Not?