Saving the Drama: A Woman's Guide to Relationships & Social Media

Ok, ok, so we've seen what's been happening on social media with Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. I want to start by saying that I am not judging our guy. For whatever reason he felt hurt and betrayed, so he chose to invite the world into his private life, as well as Blac Chyna's. 

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Because of the content of Kardashian's posts, Instagram decided to take his Instagram account offline to prevent future posting.  Although we can never know exactly what will become of their situation, it brings up a good topic about relationships and privacy. What's sharing too much, and if we're sharing, how can we save the drama?

Here's the girl's (quick) guide to keeping your relationship untainted by social media:

1. Be careful of the advice you ask for from social media lurkers.

Asking for personal situational advice on social media can be devastating to a relationship if done incorrectly. It passive aggressively hurts your partner and adds an unnecessary audience to a private situation. Successful relationships require mutual respect ( at home and online) and if one of you does not respect the others feelings, expressions, and right to privacy things will go DOWNHILL FAST.
— Alisha,, 7 years

2. Remember that your relationship is for you and ONLY you.

People outside you relationship may bring all kind of negativity to your relationship based off jealousy. old flames [may be] trying to bring negativity [to your relationship] to stop forward progress
— Jeff, 3 Years
I’d say keep everything in house. Older people in happy relationships didn’t have social media to distract them. They just loved each other.
— Mia, 2 years

3. If you do share your boo bear on social media, resist the temptation to vent. You may forgive and forget, but Facebook won't.

I would say resisting the temptation to vent online is key. There are times where you can be into it with your significant other and have no one else to turn to so you turn to social media. Wait for things to cool off and have an ADULT conversation with your significant other and work things out. Leave social media out of it!!!
— Keke, 8 years
Sharing is fine as far as date night pictures [and] sweet gestures from your mate, but nobody needs to know about arguments, cheating and drama with the family.
Don’t share details you don’t want people judging you or your mate on.
— Erin, 2 years

4. Step your communication skills up, find out what your mate is comfortable with sharing and work it out!

I think the biggest thing is realizing what should and shouldn’t stay in house. Relationship issues [are] things that needs to stay in house.

This is something that you and your significant other need to work through. Posting won’t help you solve your issue. It’ll just put your personal life on blast. Also, your followers are just that. They are following your personal life for juicy details. Their comments aren’t always from a caring place. Most of time they are just messy.

— Anonymous, 1 year


What side do you stand on? Keep your relationship private or let it all hang out?