How to Switch Up Your Routine and Boost Your Confidence

It's another Monday.  You wake up a 5:00 am to the sound of your iPhone blaring it's usual alarm tone. You hit "Stop" to see if you could steal 8 more minutes of sleep.  Welp, I'm up now, you think to yourself. 

You head to the bathroom, take a shower and attempt to fix your hair.  You straighten your hair in it's usual style, eat your breakfast, put on your usual clothes and head out the door.   Everything goes according to plan without skipping a beat.

Beauty Routine

Sounds ideal right?  But, what if that small wrench in your plans could be all it took to have that boost of morning confidence?

There's no doubt that finding that perfect little black dress, styling your hair or changing your closet color scheme have an affect on your mindset.

When it comes to clothes, Vogue calls it Confidence DressingScience has been showing us that "switching it up" shapes how we interact with the world, for the better.  If we have a strong cultural association with certain clothes, it affects how we function in them. 

I'll be honest, if I have some killer heels, I feel that I can conquer the world. So I've figured, why not switch it up once in a while to feel that extra boost. Here's how to do it:

Switch Up Your Mornings

When you find yourself heading to the bathroom for your usual rendezvous, schedule a morning date with yourself.  Studies have shown that confidence rests in being able to make yourself the top priority:

  1. Wake up a bit earlier than usual.
  2.  Work with the back of your closet and throw on that extra special dress
  3. Find a new breakfast recipe and try it.

Take some time to not only clear you mind, but add flare to your routine.

Workout Routine

At the Gym

Switching up your workout routine as well as your look can fight gym-timidation.  It's a thing yes, especially if you're embarking on a new lifestyle change.  

1. Snap on a new headband.

2. Try out a new (comfortable) up do.

3 Add a new exercise to your routine and conquer it.  

4. Head on over to the Nike Outlet and grab those new compression leggings. You know, the ones you think your booty looks especially good in.


Do not under estimate the power of throwing something new in your routine whether it be a new outfit or taking that step to make a little extra time for yourself.

What are some ways you like to "spice up" your routine? Comment below!


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