Zendaya Offers Modeling Contract to Beautiful..."Bully"?

If you've been watching our girl Zendaya, you'll know that this young ex-Disney star has been a model, well, role model. 

She's a fashionista, advocate for anti-bullying, and routinely makes her stance known when it comes to racism and sexism.  Let's also not forget to mention that this beautiful young woman is no stranger to bullying herself. Who can forget when Zendaya came under fire for rocking faux locs at the 87th Annual Academy Awards?  It's clear to see that Zendaya has mastered the art of standing up for what is right, despite all of society's influences saying that she shouldn't.


So it's no wonder that when Zendaya fulfilled the dreams of a woman who had been body shamed, I had my clap emoji ready.


If you missed it, last week, Zendaya was clearly upset after she found a man body shaming a woman on social media.

Shortly after, Zendaya offered her a modeling contract with her new line Daya by Zendaya.

When I saw this story I was in the middle of one of my "yaaaaaaaaaass" moments, when it was abruptly cut short by this:

Users were disappointed when learning that the newly signed model may have been a "bully" herself.

Users were disappointed when learning that the newly signed model may have been a "bully" herself.


I was shocked and of course once Twitter and Facebook saw this, it was lit on fire.  I've had a chance to scroll through a few of the comments, and there are numerous amounts of men and women, citing that Zendaya's attempt at rescue and defend was pointless.

So has Zendaya just offered a modeling contract to a #shadethrower? Personally, I don't think so.

I feel that the world can be quite judgmental to those in the limelight. I'll still be rocking pieces from Daya by Zendaya, because she's continuously shown herself as an outstanding woman and role model. 

Tell me what you think? Has Zendaya just given a "reward" to a bully, or do you believe that people can change?