What's Your #Pretty?

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There's a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why not showcase how every definition of beauty is...well....beautiful.

Beauty is knowing who you are and having the strength to show it-flaws and all. It’s being able to laugh at yourself when you make mistakes, and slay regardless of the cirumstance. Bauty is power over self with effortless poise.
— Alisha Jones-Cotton
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Beauty is being able to embrace your perceived flaws and allowing the world to see the glory of who you are.
— Fannie Moore
Beauty is a work of art that radiantly and confidently [shows] the qualities and characteristics that makes one’s [appearance] unique.
— Nicolas Jordan
[Beauty] comes from [the] expression that you first have to have within yourself.
— Gordon Alexander
Beauty is one’s subjective experience of something or someone breathtaking.
— Katelyn Moyer
Beauty is embracing myself as is without hoping to be accepted by anyone [except] me!
— Emma Jean
Beauty is that “thing” that attacts others to us. Not just looks, but personality and the unique qualities that we all possess!
— Candis Allen
Embracing me as God created ME!
— Tayler

I think it's important to have reminders that beauty come from acceptance, confidence and most importatnly, self-love. 

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