The Top 7 Vagina Hacks

Vagina monologues

Yes, you heard it right. I'm dedicating this post exclusively to that flower that we all have (if, you're a female). Also, if you have any reservations about talking about your lady bits, I'd maybe, kinda, sort-ah stay away from this post.  

If you're still reading, it probably means that you're not coy by any means. So keep on...

What's funny is I was watching the Trevor Noah standup, and he was talking about how the phrase "don't be a p****y" and how the phrase should be used as a compliment, given the extraordinary functions our flowers carry out.  

So many things can throw off our kitty kat's balance like sex, diet and more. So why not take a bit more care of it?

Use Natural Yogurt to Inhibit Yeast

It's important for me to emphasize the word natural. Preferrably organic and plain. You can smear this on a tampon, pop it in for a little bit and keep it moving. The probiotic bacteria in yogurt not only helps to inhibit yeast growth, it also helps to restore the beneficial bacteria that your kitty kat needs to regulate itself.

Bathe with ACV

Apple Cider vinegar is a favorite of mine. In addition to restoring beneficial bacteria, Apple Cider Vinegar assists in restoring the natural PH in your downstairs area. Balancing your PH in addition to restoring the beneficial bacteria makes for one self cleaning machine. 

Match Your Tampon to the Stages in Your Period

I've made this mistake plenty of times. Personally, I've recently decided to forego the tampon altogether, but if you're a tampon girl, make sure you have the right size for the right stage in your period. Not choosing the correct size like Super, Regular or Super Plus can lead to unnecessary dryness. Make sure that you're not rocking Super Plus Kotex tampons on your light days.

DIY Vagina Deodarant 

Coconut oil and bicarbonate soda together makes a perfect, natural deodarizer.  Coconut oil is also a natural fungus inhibiter.

Ben Wa Balls and Keigel Exercises

Yes, I said it, and no this is not meant to be something freaky. Ben Wa balls, used during keigel exercises can help to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor. Keep in mind that the Ben Wa balls are optional, but can be added to any pelvic floor exercise plan.

Cranberry Juice or Pills

Cranberry Juice

UTI's are common. I know we don't like to talk about it. Raw, Cranberry Juice with no additives or Cranberry supplements can help with a healthy Urinary Tract.

And for my ladies that aren't avid free ballers, be sure to use cotton underwear and loose fitting clothing to air out those lady parts. 

Just Drink Water

This is the most obvious. Water intake is a factor when it comes to your kitty kat's natural lubrication. Also, don't forget that water contributes to toxin elimination of the Urinary Tract. 

Free Ball It

I'm not ashamed to say it. This is my FAVORITE. I'm a free baller. If free balling is something that you don't like to do in the daytime, always be sure to let the kitty kat breathe at night. 

Are there any kitty kat hacks that I've missed? Comment below.