Top 5 Skincare Products You Needed to Have in 2018


As we approach the end of 2018, here’s a quick throwback of the skincare gems that really made a difference in the beauty and self-care industry:

#1 Retinol

Vitamin A otherwise known as Retinol has become lauded as a miracle worker in 2018 because of its amazing properties of battling hyper-pigmentation on the skin, lightening dark spots, moisturizing dry skin, fighting acne and soothing inflammation and slowing down and sometimes even reversing the signs of aging.

Product: 2% Retinol Moisturizer by Maritime Naturals is certified organic and proudly made in Canada. With a 2.5% strength of retinol, the product has a whipped cream consistency and is rich without feeling heavy. Most importantly, it works actively on fine lines, wrinkles and aging skin to revitalize it. 

#2 Hyaluronic Acid

The world’s finest humectant that is a little molecule that attracts and retains water is absolutely miraculous on the skin. Besides being an effective moisturizer, the beauty of hyaluronic acid is that it doesn't have any fine print, it benefits any skin type, at any age. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can attract up to 1,000 times its weight in water.

Product: The Ordinary's Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 is a water-based, cruelty-free serum that features hyaluronic acid along with Vitamin B5 to enhance hydration. This product lives up to its brand's hype by working as an effective moisturizing base for dry or combination skin. With a small price tag of $6.8, it certainly is a bang for the buck. 

#3 Vitamin C

The most searched ingredient of 2017, Vitamin C has continued to be popular in 2018 due to its antioxidant property reversing the effect of skin-damaging free radicals we’re exposed to every day. Vitamin C also is a chemical exfoliant which makes it effective for spot treatment of discolored skin, giving you brighter and smoother skin. 

Product: A ‘clean chemical’ product from Drunk Elephant, the C-Firma Day serum is gentle, yet effective with a 15% concentration of Vitamin C. A complexion corrector among other things, reviews worldwide have claimed that daily usage of this number has given them selfie-ready skin!

#4 Salicylic Acid

We’ve all heard of Salicylic acid as a good treatment for acne and this is because it dissolves the substances that cause the skin cells to clump together, making it easier to shed damaged skin cells- resulting in better skin. Salicylic acid works to unclog pores discouraging blackheads and acne formation.. 


Product: Alba Botanicals Acne Deep Pore Wash is a high strength, oil-free face with vegetarian ingredients that actively cleanses your skin to prevent breakouts. It’s important to be careful with the concentration of salicylic acid since too much can dry the skin thus the Alba Botanica’s 2% is perfect.

#5 Organic Aloe and Coconut Oil

All talk about beauty doesn’t have to be limited to your face, your body needs TLC too! With more and more people getting woke in 2018, organic is getting a major push in the beauty industry. No ingredient suits all skin types than coconut oil and aloe vera and in their purest organic form are oh-so-amazing for moisturizing the skin and clearing impurities. 

Product: Indulgence Creme Brulee body wash from BASD Body Care. Despite its amazing ingredients, the best part of this product is its heavenly smell. You’ll want to lick it off!  Concentrated with the goodness of organic virgin coconut oil and organic shea butter, the body wash goes deep within the layers of the skin to hydrate it and organic aloe vera works to cleanse and calms the skin.

What are your top 2018 skincare product go-tos? Comment below!

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