What's In My Bag? Beauty Essentials Edition

prettyonme bag

So, here we are.  Months into our #Prettyonme journey and I haven't shared with you a single thing besides tutorials.  I figured it's been too long, and it was time to reveal my must haves when it comes to skin care and beauty. Here's what's in my bag:


There are a few things that I cannot live without in this world, and one of those things is makeup:


Foundation, Setting Spray, Tarte and Eyeshadow- As the weather is beginning to warm up, setting spray is becoming more and more important in my life.   For my must have make up essentials, I chose Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation and Urban Decay's All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray to set it all during the warm months.

I can't forget color either.   I'm still a big fan of Tartlette 1 eyeshadow palette because it has neutrals and pastels, perfect for slow transition into spring.                

The Kathleen Lights Super Shock Eyeshadow helps compliment any glam look. Lately  I've been in love with the Telepathy shade in this eye shadow collection.

Lastly, who can forget the wonders of a perfectly planned highlight?  I recently discovered Motives Cosmetics Miami Glow bronzer and it's been love ever since.  It gives a very luminous shine (without glitter) and goes on smooth like velvet.

Skin Care

Oils, Bath Bombs and African Black Soap- I am a true believer that makeup means nothing without a powerful skincare regimen underneath.  With good, healthy skin, makeup can greatly enhance the look and feel of a women's face.  Without a good skincare regimen, make up can actually emphasize the damage.

I use Oil Essentials Omega 3, 6, 9 & Evening Primrose Oil before each application. I'll even apply this oil to my beauty blender before makeup application.  Not only does it help create a seamless look, it also refreshes and enhances the look and feel of my skin. Not to mention, I can also use this oil in my hair and it's not heavy.

oil essentials omega


African black soap is my absolute favorite!  A lot of beauty gurus may get mad at me when I say this, but I find that African Black Soap is perfect for makeup removal and cleansing.  It may be a bit harsh as a cleanser so it is important to follow up with a light moisturizer.

african black soap

Lastly, there's this amazing bath bomb that I will never take a bath without again.  I typically buy a few Sangria Bath Bombs from Perfumadore to enhance my adult bath time. The ingredients are all natural and contain Virgin Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Usually when I get done taking a bath with one of these babies, my skin is noticeably softer and refreshed. The only downside to these fizzy bath bombs are that they tend to stain. Obviously, because they contain oils you can expect to have a bit of cleanup afterwards, but that clearly has not deterred me from continued use.

So, there you have it #beauties! My first What's in my Bag?  I definitely have a knack for trying out new products and will be keeping you in the loop when I find something new.

What's in your bag? What beauty products can you just not do without?  Comment below!