#PrettyOnMeIn30 (Somewhat)

Let's have a little one-on-one.  A little heart-to-heart.

I feel like there's this space between you and I and it's called a camera and a computer screen, so I'm not sure you've really gotten to know me, and more importantly, I haven't had the chance to get to know you.

So, I'm challenging you.  Take 30 seconds (yes, yes I know, in the video below I cheated a bit) to get to know me.  And in return, I want to know what you stand for.  I want to know your hopes and dreams, your flaws, your quirks, what soundtrack you use to make your grand entrance in a room; and ultimately what you believe.

But here's the gag. You've got to show me your #prettyonme in 30.

Here's my #PrettyOnMe in 30.  And let me tell you this was HARD. This is the final product after editing a whole slew of #prettyonme pieces that I wanted to blab to the world and it was still slightly over 30 seconds.  I've shown you mine, now show the world yours.




Now it's your turn.  Hashtag #prettyonmein30 and tell the world who you are.  We'll be gearing up for our #PrettyOnMeIn30 give-a-way on Sept 3rd so the more you hashtag and the more compelling your #prettyonme in 30, the better chance you have to win!