Define your pretty

#Prettyonme is a women’s beauty and entertainment blog designed to continue in efforts to celebrate womanhood.  The name was originally created from the phrase “Pretty on fleek”, which is a phrase that has been coined by celebrities to describe perfection, or the quality of being “on point”.  Although this phrase was to emphasize the act of feeling good about oneself, as the phrase has become more popular, the meaning has been lost.  

Being on fleek does not represent the average woman.  Hence, the phrase pretty on me was born.  

Pretty on me has a broader context.  It allows women to insert what they feel is their prettiest asset, “flaws” included, and to celebrate and own their standard of beauty.  Some women find that their scars, an otherwise imperfect feature, is what looks best on them.  Some find that their freckles; their creativity; their intelligence or compassion look prettiest on them.  Its time to broaden the spectrum. That is Pretty on Me.  If it’s make up that you think looks prettiest on you, celebrate it!  If it’s your own beauty marks and skin tags that do, own it!

No more competition.  We're in our own lane and women who uphold the #prettyonme standard understand that; celebrate each other and themselves.